Wellington / Wairarapa

Wellington / Wairarapa

Latitude Homes unveils a range of house and land packages in Wellington, with offerings in Otaki Gardens and Avalon, Lower Hutt, providing a lifestyle of elegance and ease in the heart of the capital's most scenic locales.

Otaki Gardens, Otaki: Wellington's Slice of Paradise with Latitude Homes

Within the vibrant region of Wellington lies Otaki Gardens, a haven for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Latitude Homes brings forth an array of house and land packages Wellington enthusiasts have eagerly anticipated. Whether it's the comprehensive land and house packages Wellington desires or the bespoke house land packages Wellington admires, Otaki Gardens promises an unmatched living experience. Explore the magic of this locale and let every home capture the essence of Wellington's unique charm.

Avalon, Lower Hutt: The Pinnacle of Elegant Living in Wellington

Positioned amidst the picturesque settings of Lower Hutt, Avalon emerges as a dream destination for prospective homeowners. Latitude Homes takes pride in presenting house & land packages Wellington residents can't resist. Delve into our curated range, from the much-talked-about home and land packages Wellington celebrates, to the specific house and land packages in both Lower Hutt and Otaki. Avalon beckons with homes that epitomise luxury, comfort, and architectural brilliance, ensuring a lifestyle worthy of the vibrant Wellington region.

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