Latitude Homes Logo

The symbol for Latitude Homes is the compass. The name and icon was chosen to reflect the core values of the founder and company.

Historically the Navigator on every ship was the most respected crewman on board and often held the most responsibility. He drew upon his skills and experience, as well as his vision and perspective. In a new era of sailing, technology has rendered the compass an antique, but every sailor still regards it as a symbol of respect and trustworthiness in a challenging environment.

Latitude Compass

To the Team at Latitude Homes, the values of trustworthiness and integrity are as important today as they were in traditional seafaring times. Being responsible for setting the correct course and providing direction is what the team does best - not at sea - but during the process of helping others achieve their dream of building their own home. 

Our purpose is to help people gain security through home ownership.


Our principal belief is that everybody should be able to afford their own home.

After a lot of time spent researching we decided to go with Latitude Homes for our first build. Kurt and the team were wonderful in guiding us through the planning process and answering all our queries. Thanks so much Kurt, Jess and Manu for looking after us.

Hamish and Dani