Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Taranaki with Latitude Homes' specially curated house and land packages, offering a harmonious blend of nature's grandeur with modern architectural finesse in locations like Hawera and Inglewood.

Taranaki's Tranquillity: Premium Living with Latitude Homes

Taranaki, a region graced with its iconic mountain, lush greenery, and a shimmering coastline, stands as a testament to New Zealand's unparalleled natural beauty. At Latitude Homes, we're elated to unveil our house and land packages Taranaki residents can cherish. Every home is carefully crafted, reflecting a delicate balance between modern architectural finesse and the region's awe-inspiring surroundings. Experience a lifestyle that pays tribute to both nature's grandeur and modern comforts in Taranaki.

Hawera & Inglewood: Idyllic Destinations, Exceptional Homes by Latitude Homes

Both Hawera, with its effervescent community spirit, and Inglewood, celebrated for its scenic vistas, emerge as prime locations in Taranaki. Latitude Homes is proud to present unparalleled house and land packages Hawera residents have cherished, as well as the much-anticipated house and land packages Inglewood has been awaiting. Each offering isn't merely a property—it's a tailored experience, effortlessly blending the essence of these towns with contemporary amenities. With Latitude Homes, you're not just buying a house; you're embracing a lifestyle in two of Taranaki's most enchanting locales.

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