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The Top Kiwi House Interior Design Ideas for 2022

Like fashion, interior design is subject to ever-evolving trends. Whether you’re building a new home and seeking inspiration, or just wanting to refresh your existing interiors, here at Latitude Homes we are constantly monitoring the latest aesthetics and interior design trends to ensure our homes are not only on the cutting edge, but more importantly, make you feel at home.

From warmer tones to a rise in more natural elements, materials and furnishings used throughout homes, here are some of the key house interior design ideas we’ve been noticing going in our latest home builds at Latitude Homes.


Nature-inspired interior design trends are consistent with the ongoing popular trend of trying to bring the outdoors in. Nature grounds us and relaxes us, helping homeowners to achieve a beautiful, tranquil atmosphere in their homes. Expect the houseplant trend to remain prevalent in 2022, with indoor trees and peace lilies remaining great low maintenance options.

Nature-inspired designs can come in the form of paint colour, fabrics and furniture, where colours like green, blue, and earthy hues, organic fabrics, and natural materials like timber become favoured options.

nature interior


Expect some people to start turning away from minimalism in favour of richer interiors reminiscent of the 70s. This retro comeback can include bold patterned wallpaper and coloured bathroom fittings alongside colour pops of darker orange, greens and other warm neutrals.

Other popular additions include patterned tiles in wet rooms as well as incorporating chrome, coloured stone, darker woods and feature pieces found at antique stores and local markets. This nostalgic style can help create a warm and welcoming environment with a touch of flair.

Live135LatitudeHomes dining


Despite the retro comeback, minimalism will remain popular as a design trend. The key is to enhance the focal point and central purpose of a room, decluttering and highlighting the basic functionality of rooms. Expect a shift from traditionally popular cool tones to warmer neutrals such as ivory, greiges, and browns to create a relaxing, cocooning colour palette. Playing with lighting colour temperatures can help you achieve the perfect vibe for your home design.


Throughout the pandemic, our homes have become a place of work and recreation. From busy offices accommodating multiple family members to the cinema, playgrounds, gym and even restaurants we missed in lockdown. Rooms that can serve more than one purpose will continue being important, especially when it comes to office space.

But instead of dining tables getting used as hot desks, get creative with it. For example, a desk under the stairs, a dedicated corner workspace, a cupboard desk that can be hidden away, mobile furniture, open spaces, and intelligently designed joinery. Functionality, practicality, and aesthetics are all of equal importance here.


At Latitude Homes, we have years of experience helping Kiwis nationwide build their dream homes with flexible and affordable, high-quality builds that work for you. Our team can also provide tips on executing your dream house interior design ideas to achieve the perfect atmosphere.

Explore our build options today or get in touch with our team if you have any questions.