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Your Heating Options with Latitude Homes

There are many ways to heat a home, our NZ Range house plans all come standard with; double glazing, a high wall heat pump, carpet, heated towel rails and of course, pink batt insulation rated to meet the demands of your regional weather. But your options aren’t limited to these, just like our plans we can customise your Latitude home to meet your heating and cooling needs.  


There’s a lot to love about heat pumps, and that’s why they’re included in our standard builds. Benefits of a heat pump include; lower running costs compared to other heating options, safer due to not relying on burning fuel to generate their heat, less maintenance (but do remember to clean your filter regularly!), and the option to use it for cooling your home is a great bonus in those warm kiwi summers. 


Many people will say, nothing beats a fire, for this reason, there are four Latitude Homes plans which include a built-in fireplace; 

Benefits of a built-in fireplace include lower energy bills, an independent heating source and a good conscience due to the fireplace's low-energy output. Plus, with gas fire installs you get the benefits of instant warmth of flame without the mess of ash and firewood. When it comes to the look of your fire, your Latitude Homes sales consultant will help you find the right look and spec for your home. If you choose a home plan without a fireplace don't worry, we are more than happy to customise the plans so that you have a warm focus for your living space. The two main suppliers we work with are Masport and Metro, throughout New Zealand.

There are many other heating add-on options available. A popular one is underfloor heating because who doesn’t love the luxury feeling on warm bathroom tiles under their feet?


Underfloor heating uses radiant heat that does not circulate allergens, making it great for you or family who suffer respiratory problems or allergies. Unlike traditional heating systems, that warm up spaces by circulating hot air around in turn spreading allergens in the air. 

After the initial set up cost it is cheaper to run in the long term, and you’ll offset those initial costs quickly.

Underfloor heating adds value to your home should you decide to sell, there’s a strong appeal in being able to move into a home that is already equipped with such an efficient and comfortable heating system. In addition to being a solid investment, underfloor heating is that little bit of luxury you’ll enjoy in the colder months and just the type of quality touch you can expect from Latitude Homes.

Get in touch with one of our Latitude Homes representatives today and chat about how you can plan for a warmer winter and a cooler summer in your brand new home build.

Latitude Homes can help you get the home of your dreams

Latitude Homes can help you get the home of your dreams