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Window Treatments

Posted 5 months ago | By Latitude Homes

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A good window treatment adds style. But a great window treatment becomes part of your home's architecture.

Window treatments are a great way to add colour, create a mood, be a feature or quite simply keep warmth in your home. There are many options for window treatments depending on what room it is for and what you need. There are shades known as cellular shades that are being called an alternative to double glazing. Then there are sun shades these are a modern take on 'net curtains' which are great for privacy and allowing light through.  

Blinds & Shades

There are many types of blinds & shades that each have unique characteristics and create a modern or classic look depending on their application. Wooden venetian blinds can create a warm classic feel in a home when in a walnut oak finish. If you choose white faux wood venetian blinds it adds a modern and almost beachy feel to your room/home.

Types of blinds and shades are; vertical blinds, roller shades, Venetian blinds, roman shades, cellular shades. These all come in a variety of materials and colours.


Curtains are great for blocking out or defusing the light and adding some depth and luxury to a room - especially when they are full length. Curtains don't have to match the measurements of a window - actually they should be installed 300mm above a window to help keep warmth in and light out along with at least 300mm on either side so that you can pull your curtains back off your windows. Plus why have your curtains stop just below a window when you can have them go straight to the floor to create a finished look and add depth. 

"...For a tailored look, drapes should puddle slightly, kiss the floor or hover one half-inch above." Chelsea Faulkner, HGTV Editor.

Do's and Dont's with Window Treatments

Don't put curtains or roman shades in a kitchen - as the fabric absorbs smells. It's best to use venetian or roller shades that can be wiped down. 

Do layer window treatments - but don't go overboard! Having a blind or shutter fit to the window is great then a curtain on the outside of the frame is a great way to layer without adding too much.

Do mix up your window treatments throughout your home, each room is unique and has its own purpose. Think of it like this, you wouldn't put a bed in the kitchen so why would you put cafe blinds in a bedroom? 

Do go full length with your curtains, it makes the room look tailored and planned as mentioned earlier.

Don't skimp on window treatments - great window treatments can finish a room and add value, plus quality lasts longer. 

Overall, window treatments are about working out what you need to achieve; privacy, blocking light and so on finding a great option that suits and adds to the style of your room. Window treatments are something that can add to the style of the home drastically like a lick of paint or a feature wall, so put time into them and consider your options!


Thank you for all your hard work in getting our build across the line, we are extremely grateful for what both you and Jess have done.
Craig and Kelly