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Top 5 Most Popular House Plans For 2021

And somehow… just like that, we see another year come to a close. 2021 has been another unpredictable year for all. We entered our second lockdown (one for nearly half of the year for many), with the industry seeing building supply shortages, alongside continued increased wait times for consents. New housing law changes were introduced to incentivise more residents to build and the property market is seeing high demand in cities outside of Auckland.

Despite the unsteady circumstances, our Latitude Homes team has only continued to get stronger. 2021 has welcomed new franchise holders to the group, new suppliers and upgrade options for our homes, award-winning showhomes and of course, the completion of many home builds for an army of happy new homeowners. 

In tradition, we thought we’d share with you our top 5 most popular house plans for 2021. 

Last year, the NZ 159 Whakaramu took the top spot for the most loved house plan. Will it come back to reclaim the title for the second year in a row?

The entries are in….the results have been drawn… 


(Drumroll please…)


This three-bedroom, double bathroom beauty sees another year at the top, as our most loved and built house plan for 2021. Its stunning modern street appeal, paired with its economical size means even with a narrow or small section, this house plan is still a worthy contender. 

This 159sqm plan is chosen by many growing families and its testament can be highlighted through the 6 Homestar rating it received earlier this year with our Waikato Showhome.

Latitude Homes Whakamaru house plan


Our second-most-popular house plan caters well for those new home builders who want size, whilst keeping to a budget. This 180sqm well thought out design house plan has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spacious double garage, making it a perfect option for a growing family. 

Latitude Homes Kaikoura NZB 180 1


Like our runner up, our third most popular house plan is perfect for those wanting to reap the benefits of building their own home without wearing too much of the costs. 

Don’t let its size fool you - this 80sqm plan sure does pack a punch. With three bedrooms and 1 bathroom, this roomy single storey home is commonly chosen by those who have small sites, are first home buyers or are looking to build a holiday home, second property or farm accommodation. 

Latitude Homes Akaroa NZB 80 1


Like the mighty maunga that looks over the region, our fourth most-popular home plan does not compromise on size.

Enjoying four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a double garage, this 283sqm house plan is perfect for inter-generational living. The Taranaki is open plan living at its finest with beautiful outdoor flow and ample storage space. 

 Don't believe us? Come see it in the flesh at our award-winning showhome in New Plymouth.

Latitude Homes Taranaki House Plan NZ283 Front 2

#5 - NZ251 WAIRITI

Coming in at number 5 is the exceptionally designed 5-bedroom (or 4 bedroom with a study) house plan, Wairiti. With similar street appeal as the Taranaki, the Wairiti is designed in an open U shape, allowing you to catch the all-day sun from all angles. 

If you’re an entertainer, you’ll enjoy open plan living, a large walk-in scullery and an outdoor patio area that flows nicely inside.

We welcome this new contender to the leader board - the space and layout of the Wairiti are what its homeowners appreciate the most.

Latitude Homes NZ 251 Wairiti House Plan

And that sums up our top most popular house plans for 2021. Is your favourite house plan on the list? We look forward to seeing what Kiwi homeowners have in store for us for 2022. 

Thinking one of these house plans could be the perfect option for you? You can learn more about them by clicking on their link below, along with their full build house price.

  1. Whakamaru - 159sqm

  2. Kaikoura - 180sqm

  3. Akaroa - 80sqm

  4. Taranaki - 283sqm

  5. Wairiti - 251sqm

*Note: Prices differ per region

If you’re thinking a home build could be your next project, let the team at Latitude Homes help. Our local builders have years of knowledge and experience in building affordable quality homes for Kiwis and would be happy to get you started.