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New NZ Housing Law Changes: Adding more homes on your property.

The recent announcements on 19th of October, from a co-joint Labour & National Party decision on NZ housing laws, hope to make this journey a little easier for you, by easing restrictions for building your own home.


From August 2022, New Zealand residents can officially build up to three dwellings on a single section, of up to three storeys high - without the requirements of resource consent.  

Today, district plans typically allow for one dwelling of up to two storeys high. This means those families or individuals wanting to build their dream home, or developers looking to add more dwellings on a section, are somewhat restricted by these rules or penalised with long wait times with resource and building consent.

Latitude Homes NZ Housing Landscape

So what exactly do these changes mean for us?

At this point, you may be thinking “seems great for developers, but what benefits does the rest of the NZ population get from these changes?”

As restrictions on the type of homes you can build start to ease, we’re likely to begin to see a wider array of houses being built. Not only that but these changes aim to remove a lot of the headache and associated costs involved with applying for resource consents when building your dream home.

For those property owners who are fortunate to own large sections, these changes will allow you to build multiple dwellings without the need to subdivide, so long as they meet the new required building standards. This allows you to live or rent out a second or third dwelling, however selling it separately is likely to be more complicated. 

“The new medium-density residential standards will enable existing sites to have three properties without any subdivision,” says the HUD spokesperson in Stuff’s recent article.

So if you’ve outgrown your home but have a section that can fit a granny flat that meets the standards on it - you can officially start planning come August 2022.

What can we expect to see happen to the property market?

Stuff’s recent article states; “Modelling by PwC found the proposed medium-density rules we are announcing today are expected to add 48,200 to 105,500 dwellings on top of these figures, over the next five to eight years.”

Whilst building consents will definitely still be required, with restrictions easing on resource consents and the types of homes we can build, we trust the process of building your own home will only get easier.

Do you own a section and are wanting to chat with a home builder about your options? Now’s the time to start planning.

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