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How To Pick the Ideal House Plan for Your Family

Buying a new family home is an exciting time and a great opportunity to take control over your house floor plans. Choosing your floor plan is a decision that will affect your day-to-day life for the foreseeable future so it’s important to get it right. The key is partnering with reputable home builders and carefully considering your current and future needs.

Choosing the right house plan should be relative to your life-style choices and the size of your family. Below are some tips from the team at Latitude Homes to help you determine the right house floor plan for you and your family.

Finalising Your Budget

Your budget will ultimately play a major role in what kind of dream home you can achieve. The best approach to finding something that’s right for you and within your budget is to create a list of your most important wants and needs. Write down your ‘must-haves’ and then prioritise your wish list so you can make compromises where necessary to fit your budget. If affordability is a concern, explore the range of budget house plans by Latitude Homes.

How You Intend To Use Your Space

The perfect house floor plan for your family can be a very personal thing. Consider what’s important for you in terms of space for kids, kitchen and bench space, room size or functionality in the bathroom. What works for someone else, may not be what works for you. Consider things like your preferred layout, privacy needs of each family member, storage needs and specific requirements like a study or work-from-home space.

Make sure you also think about your needs in the future. For example, will you have more children? Will young children need a different sort of space once they grow up? Does the location of bedrooms matter? How will bathrooms be shared? Taking these sorts of things into account early ensures long term functionality and satisfaction for the whole family.



The size and number of rooms is a crucial consideration. How many family members do you expect to live in the home? Does your family plan on growing in the years to come? At Latitude Homes, we offer a range of floor plan options for families of different sizes, from 2 bedroom house plans to 3 bedroom house plans and 4 bedroom house plans which can also be customised to suit your requirements.

Consider room sizes based on how you plan to use them. For example, would you prefer big bedrooms or a big entertaining area? If you want a bedroom to double as a study or play area, then having larger ones may be better. However, if you’re only using the bedroom to sleep, then we recommend utilising the extra space elsewhere in communal living areas.

Exterior Styling

Don’t forget the exteriors when looking at house floor plans. Your home’s street appeal is very important. How you envisage it to look is also very personal. Considerations on roofing profile, window joinery colours and types of cladding are important. 

Painted surfaces such timber or fibre cement weatherboard require re-painting every 7-10 years whereas brick is very low maintenance and cost effective but both provide very different looks. 

Also think about the exterior function of your home. Do you want a luscious garden or something easy and low maintenance? Do you want space for a swing set or a playhouse? A fenced yard for your dog? A deck to host BBQs? Ultimately, the best house layout for your family is one that aligns with your lifestyle both inside and out. 

Explore House Floor Plans at Latitude Homes

At Latitude Homes, we have a range of great house plans available across New Zealand, from quaint 2 bedroom house plans to 3 bedroom house plans and 4 bedroom house plans perfect for growing families. Explore our house floor plans today or get in touch with our team if you have any questions.