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We are New Zealand new home builders with years of experience building houses nationwide. We believe every Kiwi should be able to afford a new home and we work hard to make building your new home a possibility. With 50+ plans we have something to fit every budget and lifestyle.

Affordable homes

If you have been searching for a home and never thought that building a house was within your budget, then browse our extensive range of house plans. We offer different build options, from Kitset Homes to a Full Build.

To see our price ranges and build options, pick a house plan and select your region.

Our simple processes make it easy to build new and we’ve something to fit every budget, you’ll be surprised at the quality you get with a Latitude Home.

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Whether you prefer to buy a kitset home and take total charge of the construction process or would rather leave everything in our hands with the full build option, our experienced home builders will be there for you from day one. Good advice and support can be invaluable, especially during the first stages of the project.

Once you have had a look around the website, feel free to contact us, we build homes all over New Zealand and we’d love to discuss how we can get you into a brand new home, faster, easier and for less than you’d expect.

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Latitude First Home Builders Guide

Download our First Home Builders Guide

There aren’t many things in life more exciting than building your own home. To get you started, we have put together a First Home Builders guide that will help you alleviate that feeling of uncertainty when it comes to buying a section, choosing a style, planning the move. Download it for free and talk to your local Latitude Homes builder for more info.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we choose Latitude Homes?

Too easy! We’re not too big that you’re treated as a number but big enough to be able to offer you competitive pricing and top quality service. We’re not owned by investment companies or overseas interests. Each of our Licence Holders are owner-operators, and treat each of our customer’s home builds as if they were building their own home.

Where can we view one of your showhomes?

A list of showhomes and opening hours are available on our website.


Can I make changes to your standard home build plans?

Yes you can, however, our plans have been priced to ensure they're the most cost-effective way of building and option for you.



Why are Latitude Homes prices so competitive?

This is mainly because all our home build plans are pre-costed and designed. This allows us to optimise the most cost-effective ways of building and reducing waste. Also, due to the volume of houses we build, we have negotiated extremely favourable rates with suppliers.

How long will it take to build my new home?

The building consent process (required before we can start your build) can take up to 4-6 weeks. If you require a resource consent then allow another 6-8 weeks. This is all dependant on the complexity of the consents required. In general you should allow 5-6 months from the time you receive your plans to the completion of your new home.

Do you supply a warranty?

Absolutely. We supply a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee along with an additional 25 Year Structural Warranty (conditions apply).

Can we change the exterior cladding?

Yes. The majority of our plans can be altered to another cladding. For example, one of our brick houses can be changed and be clad with Weatherboard. There are exceptions and it does depend on the house design so talk with your local Latitude Homes team about options.


Do the prices for your homes vary in different regions?

The price of a home build will vary throughout New Zealand due to the varying labour costs and distances that contractors may need to travel. You can discuss this with your local Latitude Homes team.


Can I do any of the build work myself?

Yes. We offer varying options from a kitset -

  • We supply all the material required to build your new home and you organise the builder and tradies to complete the work; or

  • A shell only option where we would build to a lock up stage and you complete the rest of the home build

Do you provide a full list of other costs not associated with the actual house build, for example, excavation, drainage, driveways and fencing?

Your local Latitude Homes team can provide you with a full quote for your new build project with all associated costs.


We own a section and we like one of your house designs, what do we do next?

Give your local Latitude Homes team a call and they will be able to tell you whether the desired house design will fit on your section.  Once this is established, a building cost estimate will be provided. From there a plan deposit is required and a set of preliminary plan drawings will be completed showing you how the house sits on your section and a more accurate costing will be provided. Once you are happy with all this, a building contract will be entered into and a building consent application will be submitted with your local Council.

How long after the building consent is approved and issued can the construction start?

Weather permitting, 1-2 weeks after the building consent is issued the excavation of your site can start. Once excavation is completed works can start on the foundations.


There are so many building terms that I’m not familiar with, for instance what is a PC Sum, what is a gable?

You can view a glossary of terms. This may help you understand some of the meanings and terms that will be presented to you during the sales and building process.You can always clarify anything with your local Latitude Homes team.


What additional costs are there?

This can vary from site to site and will depend on your home build requirements.  Our local Latitude Homes representatives can supply you with a list of additional costs during the estimating process.

What is the payment schedule?

The payment schedule is worked on the stages of the build process and bank lending criteria. Talk to your local Latitude Homes representative for further details.

What is the next step to get things moving?

All it takes is a deposit from as little as $3500 to get your plans underway. Give us a call and we can get things started.