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Latitude First Home Builders Guide

Download Your New Home Building Guide

There aren’t many things in life more exciting than building your own home. To get you started, we have put together Your New Home Building Guide that will help you alleviate that feeling of uncertainty when it comes to buying a section, choosing a style, and planning the move. Download it for free, then talk to your local Latitude Homes builder for more info.


Guide to the Building Process

Step 1 - Initial conversation

Every project starts with a conversation. Although you can find useful resources on our website, nothing will be as helpful as your local Latitude Homes builder to discuss your individual needs, ideas, the requirements of your section, and answer all of the questions you may have when it comes to your new build.

Make the most of our experience!

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Step 2 - Budget

Financing your new home

As home builders, ‘What can you offer for $X?’ is probably the most common question we get from new customers.

Well, it depends! If you already have finance approved by a lender and you have a set budget, then we will have a number of homes to suit your price bracket but your options can vary depending on the build option and materials you choose.

Remember to consider any earthworks and access to the building site that need to be developed, size of the house, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and additional living spaces you require.

Different building processes will also affect the cost to build a house – we have a range of options, from Latitude Home builders running the whole project and building process to DIY kitset homes where we deliver the materials and you build the home yourself or hire a contractor to build it for you.

If you are yet to obtain finance for your build, we recommend First Step Home Loans have over 30 lenders at their fingertips and they specialise in obtaining construction loans for new home builds.

Step 3 - Choose Your Dream House Plan

Now with finance sorted, you can begin to look into house designs. Latitude Homes have a large number of designs to choose from – giving you plenty of choice, regardless of whether you prefer a single or double storey home, whether you want all bedrooms located at the same end of the house, or if you want to include additional office space. All our home designs are flexible and can be altered to suit your needs. You can flip our house plans to fit your section, add more living space areas, or add other personal preferences.

Click below to see our house plans. If you enter your region, you’ll see pricing options.

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Step 4 - Choose your build option

Depending on your budget and goals, there are a number of ways to build your own home. Unlike many home builders, Latitude Homes is happy to fit in with your needs. From DIY kitset homes, where we deliver the materials and you take charge of the building process, to a full build service, where we take care of the whole building process while you get ready to move in!

See all our building options and learn what materials and services are included in each one.

See Build Options

Step 5 - Working Drawings

We will provide a written quotation based on your chosen house design or upon supply of your plans. If the cost exceeds your budget then we will work with you to use different design techniques to reduce costs.

Following quote approval we will prepare a full set of plans showing your home sited on the block, all elevations and other layouts including electrical requirements.

Any documentation needed for council approval, for example, energy efficiency reports, geotech reports, resource consents, site survey, engineering plans, can also be supplied.

Step 6 - Plans approved, building starts!

Once your plans have been signed off and approved by the local territorial authority, we start the process of building! We begin with an agreement that will detail the specifications and include a payment schedule. We will keep you posted on every new stage of the construction process. Payments are required at different stages of the building process – these are all clearly explained.

If you decided to build the house yourself with our kitset option, in this step we will deliver the building materials so you can start the build at your own pace.

Step 7 - Move in!

On the big day, we’ll present you with the keys to your brand new home. As home builders, this is by far our favourite moment because we feel we are accomplishing our main goal: getting Kiwis like you into their new homes. Nothing compares to those happy faces! Of course, the relationship doesn’t end there, we will be there for you for any questions or support needed.



Built with Latitude Homes Waikato. Being a first-home buyer on a budget with all the stress and questions, Darrin has been hands-on from day one. He guided us, explained our options and walked us throughout the built. The team delivered what we wanted and on-time. Communication was great during the build, keeping in touch when the build stopped during the Covid-19 lockdown and even months after the handover Darrin is still there to support if you have queries.
My family is happy of our new home. Darrin and Latitude team made it happen.
More power Darrin and Latitude Homes.
Raul Alonte