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‘What can you offer for $x?’ is the most common question we get from new customers. Our answer will always vary as it all depends on an individual’s circumstances. We always suggest setting a budget for your new home build in the very early stages of your project is key.

Once you have an indication of how much you’re willing to spend, the all important step and question of how to obtain the finance for your new home, comes next. 

Financing your new home build can sometimes be one of the more complicated stages in your building journey. That’s why Latitude Homes have partnered with the construction loan specialists at First Step Home Loans and thanks to their expertise, we’ve seen many people get finance for their new builds when the big banks have said no.


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First Step Home Loans deliver finance solutions. Their job in the process is to help you find the perfect home finance package for your home or building loan and negotiate on your behalf to make building your dream home a reality. 

With over 30 years experience in construction and banking in New Zealand, paired with their access to over 30 mortgage lenders, you can rest assured that the team at First Step Home Loans know what the best type of mortgage is for you.. 

Did you know that when building a new home, there are a number of different types of building loans available to you? Working with a mortgage lender will ensure that you get the best loan suited to your building needs and situation.


Construction Loans are one of the most commonly sought after building loans today. 

Never heard of it? Here are  some fast facts on this type of building finance.

  • They are a short-term loan (typically in a term of 12 months) 
  • Used to pay for the building of a home (or alternatively renovation of a home) from start to finish.
  • Money for the construction loan is paid out in stages, as your home is being built. 
  • A 20% deposit from your bank is typically required, however in some cases a 10% deposit may be accepted.
  • Usually work on a floating interest rate
  • A strong application is required, often including information such as your income, credit history, bank account conduct and more.

Interested in learning more? Discover more about construction loans and what other types of building contracts are available to you by visiting the First Step Home Loans Website here.

It's easier to know what you can build when you know what you can afford. First Step Home Loans have available to you a number of useful tools and valuable information, all housed on their website - including this helpful online mortgage calculator.

This digital calculator can answer those burning questions for you like how much will your loan repayments be per week, per fortnight or per month? How long will it take to pay off your mortgage? What will my mortgage repayments be if the interest rate changes? All this is answered simply by  you entering in some key information including, loan amount you’re hopeful to borrow, the interest rate and your loan term (the number of years in which you will pay it off).

Take advantage of this handy tool and take it for a spin by clicking here.

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The team at First Step also have available to you a complementary downloadable home loan information pack. Read and learn more as the team share their insights, tips and further details on all your home building finance options.

Download here.

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By working alongside the team at First Step Home Loans, the Latitude Homes team are able to be there with you every step of the way, making it a seamless building journey for you.

Having trouble getting the finance you need from the big banks?  Let us help point you in the right direction to our friends over at First Step Home Loans. 

To find contact details and get in touch with First Step Home Loans, click here.