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Helping to Rebuild NZ’s Economy

Posted 2 years ago | By Latitude Homes

Marc and Kelly Hunter

Hi everyone, we hope that you and your families are well and finding some positives in light of this extraordinary situation we are all facing. I'm Marc Hunter, and together with my wife Kelly, started Latitude Homes back in 2007, we, like many of you have certainly never experienced business conditions like this before. With the massive impact lockdown has had on New Zealand it got us thinking about how we can all bounce back from this, how can we help rebuild New Zealand’s economy?

There is no doubt that Kiwi’s have made a lot of sacrifices over the lockdown period, we’ve all experienced different levels of “normality”. Myself and Kelly have been working hard to ensure that our great team of new home builders around New Zealand were able to maintain contact with clients, and once Level 4 was lifted, were back on the tools getting everyone’s building projects back on track.

Getting our people working again, getting families into their new homes, trading with our suppliers, hiring the subcontractors and turning the cogs of production made us quickly realise that there is no faster way to get our economy up and running again than to keep production levels up and keep the money flowing back into our local and regional economies.

Sometimes when we are searching for a magic solution, the answer to our needs has been there all along. 

That got us thinking about why we started Latitude Homes in the first place. Soon we realised that our vision for building our company aligned with our desire to rebuild New Zealand’s economy.

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Here are some things that Kelly and I hold as important values when it comes to Latitude Homes, we think these values are key to helping rebuild our economy, we hope you do too:

  • Latitude Homes is a 100% owned NZ company
  • Profits stay in NZ
  • Run and owned by local Franchise owners so their profits stay in their regions
  • Over 90% of our building materials are sourced from NZ made producers
  • When you choose Latitude Homes you are also giving jobs to local electricians, painters, plasterers, roofers, plumbers, landscapers, kitchen manufacturers and installers and the list goes on…
  • We are in it for the long run, we’ve been building beautiful homes for Kiwis since 2007
  • Plus when you choose to build with us, you are helping us maintain our strong legacy of providing Kiwis with affordable, quality homes.

Sometimes when we are desperately searching for a magic solution the answer to our needs has been there all along. We are determined to help rebuild our economy and we are here to help you achieve that with us.

Whether lockdown has given you time to think about a new build, or if needing more room for family has encouraged you to think about an extra dwelling on your property, check out our house plans here, and build with the knowledge that by choosing Latitude Homes, you are helping to rebuild New Zealand’s economy too.

Marc and Kelly Hunter


I have really loved my first two weeks of living in my house. I just absolutely love my kitchen and it’s so warm and quiet. In fact, there’s just so much to love about it and it’s still hard to believe it’s mine!! I even love the entrance and the hallway ha ha. I keep hearing of so many problems with other people who’ve had the builds stalled which makes me realise how lucky I’ve been choosing Latitude homes.
I will happily recommend you to anyone else who wants to build. I’ll be looking to build with you again in the future.
Sue Fairclough