Latitude Homes - Kitset Homes

Latitude Homes has a range of modern designs to ensure there is a floorplan that will suit every customer’s lifestyle and financial requirements..

We allow for maximum versatility so all our floorplans can be altered or changed to add a garage, an extra living area, or more space to some of the rooms.

If you like a particular design but want to make some changes the Team at Latitude Homes are happy to discuss the alterations and advise you on the most cost effective solutions. In addition all designs can be built with a flat roof line – a look very popular with beach holiday homes.

There are also a number of ways in which you can build with Latitude Homes dependant on your budget and the level of project management you want to be involved in.

Depending on where you are wanting to build, we can supply Kitset Full Build, Shell Only or Transportables construction options.

Budget Homes can be built as eiher a Kitset or as a Full Build Service. This range includes floorplan designs that are suitable for all family sizes but has appliances and finishes that enable you to build at a lower cost.

Kitset Homes are the most cost effective solution to building as you purchase your own building materials and project manage the construction of your home chosen from our range of designs. You also arrange your own builder and subcontractors although Latitude Homes can help with this if needed.

Full Build service is where Latitude Homes takes care of the whole building process. We organise all the contractors and take care of any building consent issues and inspections. We meet with you to inspect the progress on your new home and keep you up to date with regular reports.

Shell Only homes are great if you have a limited budget and want to do a bit of DIY to build your own home. Latitude Homes organise to have the concrete floor laid, the builder to construct the frames, trusses, roof and exterior cladding and have the windows installed. The house is now at Lock Up stage and Latitude Homes supply you with the materials to finish the house in your own time and at your own pace.

Transportables cover the homes we build on our site and then transport to your own site. Our service includes everything up to painting and stopping of the interior walls and the painting of the exterior. You just have to put in your timber piles for the house to be delivered onto.

The Latitude Homes range includes 1 and 2 storied homes, up to 4 bedrooms and a wide variety of different room configurations.

We also offer a variety of claddings for the finishing of your home including Clay Brick, James Hardie Weatherboard, Linea® or Axon® panels, Monotek® plastered panels or a combination of any of these.

Not only do you have the choice of house designs, finishes and how you want to build with Latitude Homes, our customers also have the choice of having their homes built with traditional timber frames or with the exciting and innovative steel framing alternative. In fact many of our homes can be built with either option.

All designs have the sq metre indicated on each as a starting point. Please note that if you’re comparing price per sq metre that different floorplan configurations will affect this price. EG if you have a triple garage added, the sq metre cost will be less than if you add an extra bathroom. If you’re unsure, Latitude Homes will easily show you how different rooms can affect the cost differently.